Monday, January 24, 2011

Men Touching Women In Bus

Big hole

It's called "the loop". First, there is a small mile canal, you pass over the highway and you find yourself River before finishing skirting a lake with a cathedral in the background. Five kms where a nearly flat p anel of household over 50 years confronts Sunday morning. The pros are several towers. This is the place where I burn my fat as he said the good doctor. I do not know if we all the same doctor but is likely to make combustion tests.

Invariably there is one who comes to striding , slows to my height and balance:

- I do not know what it is but it's hard this morning. The wind pe be ut ...

- Yeah ...

Always the same kind of bird feathers goretexfluoréthermoconducteur pub with Audi and heart incorporated. Love these guys. Despite grunts, gasps, borborygmi, crachouillis they remain by your side and type a fascinating conversation:

- the other side is full of puddles to the bridge , that's why I came here this morning ... but hey

- humpf, yeah .... anyway you got a beautiful stride.

- Question usual. And this week there not fishing contest, damn last week, ah badgers!

Well, another tough. We must play it fine but I comments to master this, it is a matter of timing . Just after his sentence let a silence for him to hear my breath though exhausted, humpff, drop the lower lip and swinging in a sigh

- excuse me, but it's always the same from the 20th ..

- ah well, you ... you ...

- ... went to 6 hours but then I a bit of trouble ... it's the "big hole"

There he is mature, is just lower eyelids modes ment and make a small gesture of the hand:

- go ahead, I have to pass the course, going y.

And then he walks away from her beautiful dainty stride. I feel that gam bank.

"Big Hole" has to be said with the intonation hyper concerned that the guy has already plumbed the depths of its physical resources. It's so lame that it Impara wheat.

the evening I see the big TV President running with nice outfit. Who knows why I think he has the face of a guy who fucks a "big hole". I wonder e if he will make several laps.


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